Leading and Managing Vendor Relations

Course Date

2 - 6 October 2023
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16 - 20 October 2023
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20 - 24 November 2023
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4 - 8 December 2023
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11 - 15 December 2023
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18 - 22 December 2023
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25 - 29 December 2023
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In business, relations and profitability go hand in hand. Having the right vendors on board and achieving the ideal relationship with them can spell the difference between good and great performance levels. In this course, we describe the spectrum of business relationships and discuss how vendor profiles can be developed to improve each relationship. We then list the different go-to-market strategies and discuss how they can be used to integrate vendor relations. Finally, we highlight the leadership and communication skills that are necessary to leverage the full extent of vendor relations.



Course Methodology


This course uses a variety of exercises, case studies, questionnaires and videos.



Course Objectives


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate vendor profiles for fit with organizational needs and direction
  • Practice vendor integration techniques to support strategic purchasing objectives
  • Manage vendor performance to ensure continuous improvement of offerings
  • Apply winning go-to-market strategies to support internal capabilities
  • Utilize essential soft skills to improve vendor relationship outcomes


Target Audience


Purchasing and supply chain professionals involved in supply management, vendor relations, sourcing, buying, expediting and vendor evaluation as well as personnel involved in the purchasing process.


Target Competencies

  • Vendor selection
  • Vendor integration
  • Vendor performance management
  • Sourcing strategies
  • Leadership
  • Communication


Course Outline


Vendor validation process


Words of wisdom on managing vendor relationships

Sources for gathering information

Vendor status

prequalification questionnaires

Vendor risk assessments

Sustainable vendor relations

Triple bottom line

Economic success

Social development

Environmental sustainability


Vendor development and integration


Vendor development

Vendor diversity programs

Supplier certification

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Partnering typologies


Managing vendor performance


Vendor performance objectives

Performance targets

Continuous improvement initiatives

Service level agreements


Go-to-market strategies


Purchasing strategy matrix

Six sourcing strategies

Volume concentration

Best price evaluation

Global sourcing

Product specification improvement

Joint process improvement

Relationship restructuring

Group buying and bulk pricing

Just-in-Time (JIT) buying


Soft skills and vendor relations etiquette


Effective communication as a pillar for success

Application of leadership and management skills in vendor relations

Cialdini’s six powerful persuasion techniques

Reciprocation technique

Authority technique

Social proof technique

Commitment technique

Liking technique

Scarcity technique

Vendor relations etiquette

Communicating with foreign vendors



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