Negotiating and Drafting and Understanding Contracts

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2 - 6 October 2023
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30 October - 3 November 2023
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20 - 24 November 2023
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11 - 15 December 2023
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25 - 29 December 2023
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Course content

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Why Choose this Course?


This training course covers the three stages of contracting; negotiating the ‘deal’; documenting that deal in a robust, but practical way: and managing the performance of the contract itself. This training course will help participants to have an awareness of practices in other areas and other industries, which can add significant value to their own situations. Moreover, the training course will also give an opportunity to consider matters from the perspective of the other party to a contract.


This INFORMARECH training course will feature:


  • Gaining a broad understanding of contracts and your ability to use them to protect your organisation
  • Examining the latest techniques required in order for you to consider and negotiate contracts with confidence
  • Considering principles widely used in international contracting, risk allocation and dispute management in contractual disputes
  • Practical tips for business professionals to deal with the consequences of non-performance
  • Analysing the mechanics of contracting in the English language


What are the Goals?


By the end of this INFORMATECH training course, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the need to negotiate the “deal” before structuring the contract documentation
  • Utilise the tools & techniques to assist in such negotiations & enhance the efficient management of contract
  • Assess the drafting and modification of specific contract clauses, using real examples
  • Introduce some of the differences in approach in different jurisdictions
  • Examine ways to avoid disputes, or to manage them successfully


Who is this Course for?


This training course will benefit all levels of personnel engaged in contract management, negotiation, procurement, operations, and disputes.

This training course is suitable to a wide range of contracts professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Contract Administrators, Contract Professionals and Project Coordinators
  • Supply Officers, Buyers, Purchasing & Procurement Professionals
  • Project, Construction, Cost and Quantity Professionals
  • Claims Personnel, including Legal Advisers
  • Contracts Managers  
  • Those new to the function, preparing for a major project, or experienced professionals looking for a refresher


How will this be Presented?


This training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes high levels of participant discussion, group interaction, delegate group exercises and case studies using existing contemporary English language contracts in many jurisdictions. Delegates will be encouraged to raise their own issues and problems faced within their industry or organisations for discussion on a confidential basis.


The Course Content


Day One: What is the “deal” behind the contract, and how do you get there?


  • What constitutes a contract: form, ingredients and basic structure
  • The context of commercial arrangements
  • Innovative commercial solutions (e.g. Partnering, “BOOT” contracts etc)
  • Relationship between negotiation and contract drafting
  • Closing a deal - Authority to sign and agency principles
  • Formalities to finalise the contract


Day Two: Negotiating and Drafting Contracts


  • Negotiating Principles in Contracting
  • Negotiating in difficult and complex situations
  • Structuring complex documents – the hierarchy of terms
  • Using and modifying standard forms
  • Precedent in international contracting
  • Dealing with contract qualifications and amendments


Day Three: Drafting Specific Clauses


  • Operative provisions and performance obligations
  • Title, Risk and Payment provision
  • Contract variations: transfer of rights, amendment and the scope of work
  • Termination, suspension and remedies for default
  • Limitation and exclusion of liability, force majeure and waiver
  • Law of the contract and dispute resolution


Day Four: Effective Contracts Management


  • Risk assessment and management
  • Assignment of responsibilities and kick-off meetings: setting and managing expectations
  • Dealing with defaults, delay and disruption
  • Managing claims
  • Payment issues – including international trade
  • Lessons learned


Day Five: Dealing with Disputes


  • Recognising potential problems and dealing with issues as they arise
  • Legal rights and commercial outcomes distinguished
  • Negotiation structures for internal dispute resolution
  • External dispute resolution – Litigation and Arbitration
  • Modern alternatives in dispute resolution - ◦Adjudication ◦Expert Determination ◦Mediation
  • Overview of seminar, and final question session

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