Project Risk, Uncertainty & Decision Analysis

Course Date

2 - 6 October 2023
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23 - 27 October 2023
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13 - 17 November 2023
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4 - 8 December 2023
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11 - 15 December 2023
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18 - 22 December 2023
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25 - 29 December 2023
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Course content

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Why Choose This Training Course?


“Project managers are the most creative professionals in the world; we have to figure out everything that could go wrong, before it does”. 


Project management professionals are increasingly required to make business decisions under pressure in complex, uncertain and highly dynamic situations. This training course will look at a number of advanced concepts in Project Management and Risk Management that will enable the participants to deal with the ever-changing business environment and to apply a proven systematic approach to the project management process to facilitate effective and efficient achievement of business objectives.  Choose this training course if you would like to learn valuable tips, techniques and strategies to assist this process.


This  training course will feature:


  • Understanding of requirements and project definition

  • Preparation of a project plan

  • Development of a risk management strategy

  • Understanding of project stakeholders

  • Applying effective strategies to deliver the project and address typical project issues



 By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:


  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of project management concepts

  • Prepare and execute an effective project plan

  • Identify and analyse project risk

  • Establish a project control system and monitor progress

  • Apply effective strategies to address typical project issues


Who is this Training Course for?


This  training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Professionals who make or support project decisions and would like to be able to develop and justify effective solutions  

  • Project management professionals and supporting personnel

  • Internal auditors and management accountants


Course Content 


Day One: Fundamentals of Project Management and Project Initiation


  • The nature of projects and project management

  • Project/program and portfolio management

  • Project organisation

  • The project life cycle

  • Project initiation and definition

  • Managing stakeholders


Day Two: Project Planning and Scheduling


  • The imperative of planning

  • The Stage Gate approach

  • Scope definition and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Defining and sequencing project activities

  • Resource management planning

  • Estimating costs and determining budgets


Day Three: Risk Management Planning & Control


  • Risk management overview

  • Decisions under certainty, risk and uncertainty

  • Risk management planning process

  • Risk identification and assessment

  • Risk management strategies

  • Contemporary concepts in risk management


Day Four: Project Execution, Monitoring & Control

  • Directing and managing project execution

  • Project control approaches and tools

  • The earned value management (EVM) concept

  • Managing the project team

  • Establishing effective team processes for communicat


Day Five: Project Closure


  • When things don’t go as planned: managing project creeps

  • Correcting time delays

  • Effective project closure

  • Lesson learned

  • Post-project evaluation and Benefit Realisation

  • Application of project management concepts



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