Strategies for Workplace Conflict Management

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18 - 22 September 2023
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9 - 13 October 2023
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6 - 10 November 2023
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27 November - 1 December 2023
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18 - 22 December 2023
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Why Choose this Course?


Workplace conflict is inevitable when employees of various backgrounds and different work styles are brought together for a shared business purpose. Conflict can—and should—be managed and resolved. Conflict can occur in any organization when employees with different backgrounds and priorities work together. Conflict can be expressed in numerous ways such as insults, noncooperation, bullying and anger. Its causes can range from personality clashes and misunderstood communication to organizational mismanagement. The negative effects of workplace conflict can include work disruptions, decreased productivity, project failure, absenteeism, turnover and termination. Emotional stress can be both a cause and an effect of workplace conflict.


A survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that four in 10 UK employees reported having experienced some form of interpersonal conflict at work in the last year. Most of that conflict is between an employee and his or her line manager. The survey also found that employees are more likely to report that they have experienced conflict with a staff member who is more senior to them.


This definitive training course builds the business case to effectively manage workplace conflict while also establishing the key process to define a harmonious and inclusive positive workplace culture via global benchmarks and best practices.


This training course will feature:


  • Understanding the need for Effective Conflict Management in the workplace

  • Building a business case for Harmony and Inclusivity

  • Diagnosing current sources of conflict

  • Assessing current conflict resolution procedures for effectiveness

  • Understanding the range of strategic options

  • Defining the metrics for success and measuring effectiveness

  • Implementing the conflict resolution initiative



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:


  • Manage conflict situations proactively

  • Leverage potential conflict situations as opportunities for critical conversations that enhance work relationships

  • Identify and explore practical, easy-to-implement strategies to support a more harmonious and balanced workplace

  • Develop a positive and inclusive workplace culture

  • Develop a sustainable Action plan to ensure continued success


Who is this Training Course for?


This training course is applicable to any person actively involved or considering developing a structured and comprehensive approach to Managing Conflicts and implementing the Positive Workplace Culture via clear identification of business need, strategic process, culture analysis, behavioural change and sustainability. This Intermediate level course will greatly benefit those who are focused on developing the business case for this critical resolve for the sustained growth and success of the organization.


This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:


  • Managers, Supervisors and Team leaders

  • Members of Work and Project Teams

  • Human Resource Directors

  • Human Resource Employee Relations Professionals

  • Business Owners

  • Any other individual who strives to manage conflict in the workplace


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