Work-Life Balance: Maximizing Productivity and Quality of Life

Course Date

16 - 20 October 2023
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20 - 24 November 2023
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4 - 8 December 2023
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11 - 15 December 2023
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18 - 22 December 2023
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25 - 29 December 2023
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Course content

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Why Attend

Many professionals consider that work-life balance is impossible to achieve. This course will not prove them wrong. However, it will demonstrate how achieving such a balance is a journey filled with a combination of discipline, determination and commitment. By providing the participants with tips on productivity enhancement, stress management and emotional intelligence, the course helps participants boost their productivity while working within a stressful environment. The course will also demonstrate how sleep, food and exercise are pivotal in helping professionals become more successful in their careers and more effective in their personal lives.


Course Methodology

The course relies on a number of lecturettes and presentations which summarize global research on this important topic. The course also uses a basket of questionnaires and self assessments to help participants improve their self awareness and self management and provides tips and checklists designed to lead participants towards a more successful career.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance productivity at work and outside work by understanding the various contributors and inhibitors of a productive lifestyle
  • Manage daily stress by learning how to control work induced adrenalin and its effects on productivity
  • Improve effectiveness at the workplace by consuming food that will help maintain energy throughout a working day
  • Achieve better quality sleep on weekdays and weekends by listing the main causes behind poor quality sleep and ways to combat them
  • Make better decisions and enhance retention of important information while minimizing dependence on various memory aids
  • Monitor daily activity levels with more accuracy and use the information obtained to lead a more active lifestyle

Target Audience

This course is ideal for anyone who works in environments which are mentally and physically demanding, where the pace of work is relentless and the job and life demands are ever increasing. The course is also suitable for people who wish to improve their work-life balance by adopting healthier work habits and lifestyles.


Course Outline

Productivity in the workplace


Personal peaks: lessons from the Japanese

Planning: from yearly to daily planners

Why starting with a yearly plan is critical for being proactive

The importance of discipline, routine and to-do-lists

Minimizing surprises as a means of exercising more control over our daily lives

Creating a contagiously productive environment


Adrenalin intelligence


Introduction to adrenalin and Emotional Intelligence (EI)

The theory behind EI and the medical facts

The reasons why the teachings in many books on EI are difficult to apply

Adrenalin: how it can be a blessing and a curse

The adrenalin buzz and adrenalin addiction

The short and long term effects of adrenalin imbalance

The stress continuum and how stress can be good for our health

Harnessing the power of adrenalin


The business diet

Food for high emotional intelligence

Oxidization and ways to combat its dangers

Food habits that will sap your energy

Food items that you should avoid no matter what

What to eat on a working day

Detox: myths and tips.


Sleep and its Impact on productivity


Myths about sleep

The three main clocks which control our daily functions

The Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus (SCN)

The master clock

The circadian rhythm and its effect on our productivity

Eliminating the effects of jet lags and fatigue

Tips and techniques for improving quality of sleep


Memory enhancement


The reasons behind dementia

The levels of dementia and the symptoms of each

Diets that will enhance and boost memory

Tips and techniques for staying sharp and focused regardless of age


The exercise and productivity relationship


Myths about exercise

The advancement of technology and the use of fitness trackers and smart bands

What doctors don’t tell you

Bad habits that are good for you

Your heart in numbers

The key performance indicators of a healthy heart

Exercise: facts and figures

How you can exercise without exercising


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